Cannula Mastery Hands-on Course

Cannula Mastery Hands-on Course

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Overview: Rise Rejuvenation Center invites medical providers to embark on an immersive journey into the world of dermal filler application with our specialized course, "Cannula Mastery." This group hands-on program is designed to elevate your expertise in the strategic and precise use of cannulas for dermal filler procedures.

Date and Time: April 22nd from 5-8 pm 

Note: Purchasing this item registers you for the course. There are limited spots available. After purchase, please click here to fill out registration forms. Thank you!

Course Highlights:

  1. Understanding Cannula Techniques: Gain in-depth knowledge of cannula techniques for dermal filler applications. Explore the advantages of using cannulas in comparison to traditional needles, focusing on safety, precision, and patient comfort.

  2. Live Demonstrations: Witness live demonstrations by Traci Andreason, showcasing the strategic use of cannulas in various facial areas. Learn optimal entry points, trajectory considerations, and techniques to achieve natural-looking results.

  3. Hands-On Cannula Practice: Engage in hands-on practice sessions, applying cannula techniques on live models under the guidance of Traci Andreason. Develop proficiency in navigating facial anatomy, mastering entry points, and controlling the direction of the cannula for precise filler placement.

  4. Safety Protocols and Complication Management: Prioritize patient safety through comprehensive discussions on safety protocols associated with cannula use. Gain insights into recognizing and managing potential complications, ensuring a secure and confident practice.

  5. Incorporating Cannulas into Your Practice: Explore strategies for seamlessly integrating cannula techniques into your practice. Learn marketing approaches to showcase your newfound skills, attracting patients seeking the latest advancements in dermal filler applications.

Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for medical providers, including nurses, plastic surgeons, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, who wish to refine their skills and expand their proficiency in dermal filler applications using cannulas.

Course Format: "Cannula Mastery" is a dynamic and interactive group hands-on course, providing a balanced mix of theoretical insights and practical application. Participants will engage in live demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and collaborative discussions, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

Join us at Rise Rejuvenation Center and unlock the artistry and precision of cannula techniques. Elevate your skills, redefine your practice, and become a master of dermal filler applications with cannulas.