PRF and Bio Gel Demo Course

PRF and Bio Gel Demo Course

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Overview: Welcome to the PRF and Bio Gel Demonstration Course at Rise Rejuvenation Center—an exclusive learning opportunity for medical providers seeking to explore the potential of Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) gel in aesthetic procedures. This course is designed as an in-depth demonstration, showcasing the application of PRF and Bio Gel in various rejuvenation treatments. Participants will witness live demonstrations on two models, gaining valuable insights into the application and benefits of PRF and Bio Gel.

Date and Time: February 12th from 5-8pm 

Note: Purchasing this item registers you for the course. There are limited spots available. After purchase, please click here to fill out registration forms. Thank you!

Course Highlights:

  1. Understanding PRF and Bio Gel: Delve into the science and composition of  Bio Gel, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its unique properties and potential applications in aesthetic procedures.

  2. Live Demonstrations: Witness live demonstrations of PRF and Bio
    Gel applications on two models. Explore the versatility of Bio Gel in addressing various aesthetic concerns, including facial rejuvenation, skin texture improvement, and more.

  3. Clinical Indications: Learn about the range of clinical indications for PRF and Bio Gel, including its use in combination with other aesthetic treatments. Understand the benefits and limitations of PRFand Bio Gel in different cosmetic procedures.

  4. Patient Selection and Consultation: Gain insights into patient selection criteria and effective communication strategies during the consultation process. Understand how to set realistic expectations and educate patients on the benefits of Bio Gel treatments.

  5. Demonstrated Techniques: Observe Traci Andreason as she demonstrates proven techniques for the application of PRF and Bio Gel. Explore different injection methods, treatment areas, and combinations with other aesthetic modalities.

  6. Safety Protocols:  Understand potential complications and how to manage them effectively, ensuring the highest standards of patient care.

  7. Q&A Session: Engage in a dynamic question-and-answer session with experienced instructors, allowing participants to seek clarification on specific topics, discuss case studies, and deepen their understanding of PRF and Bio Gel.

Who Should Attend: This course is tailored for medical providers, including but not limited to nurses, plastic surgeons, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, interested in incorporating PRF and Bio Gel into their aesthetic practice. Participants with varying levels of experience are welcome.

Course Format: Participants will have the opportunity to observe and interact with Traci Andreason during live demonstrations on two models. This format allows for a focused and immersive learning experience without the need for practical application.

Join us at Rise Rejuvenation Center for a captivating exploration of PRF and Bio Gel and its applications in aesthetic medicine. Witness the transformative potential of Bio Gel and enhance your knowledge to offer innovative solutions to your patients.